Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will They .... Wont They ..... Skip Stress at Nunnery Farm

Will they or won't they - is the question that has troubled me all night because today is intended collection day of the skip and I am not sure they are going to agree to move it as I may have gone slightly overboard!

Recently there has been some building works going on in the human quarters of Nunnery Farm. I use the term human loosely as thinking about it there are more animals live in our house - in fact we are outnumbered by a staggering 3 to 1! That is the calculation by not including Dave who is actually semi-permanent and the baby Elf who will be joining us very soon! Does that mean they live in a palace or we live in a kennel!

Anyway during the course of these renovations I have been dumping all the stuff to go to the tip in a pile in the garden ready for the day there was enough to fill a skip and last week when an old mattress was added to the pile I thought it time to order a skip and get rid.

Seems simple enough - the skip arrived and not being an expert in skip sizes I ordered a small one thinking this would do. When it arrived it did look rather a little smaller than I had hoped but not being put off began the task of filling it, and filling it, and filling it!

I did manage to get everything in as is evident with the photograph but in the meantime had created a rather tall tower and I had a funny feeling there are skip rules and one of those is do not over fill. I decided that when the man came to collect it I would plead ignorance and apologise and say I just didn't know that to be the case and hope he let me off.

With that decision made I went into the house to phone them and realised that my plan was useless

I found that just below the telephone number and just below where I had signed there were clear instructions about the load level - fantastic!

There is only one thing to do in such circumstances I must act senbsibly and like a grown up. I am going to open the gate so the truck can get down the drive once I have fed the pigs this morning and then I am going to pretent I am not in.

I will update later as to whether the load has been removed!


Mouse said...

heheheh .. like your style and I hope that they do take it for you BUTTTTTT I don't think soo soorrryyyyy :( love mouse xxxx

Kristina said...

I hate when that happens. : (

Happy Gardening,
-Kristina K.

Urban Farm Wife