Thursday, June 9, 2011

Morning Pig Feed and Hello to Meg

Pretty happy to report that Libby was returned to the field with the sheep after a long cooling off period in the garden yesterday and surprisingly Minnie has been keeping away from the pigs. I think the roll of barbed wire that has now been placed along the top line of the pig fencing has a lot to do with that and not Minnie turning over a new leaf!! At feeding time last night Libby was content with her own food and even when the two porkers made an appearance and started eating their food Libby just watched them and quietly went over to the gate for a closer look. She didn't seem to have any issues at all with the pigs so maybe things are starting to finally calm down for a day or two!
Dave stays well away from the Sheep

So this morning I set off to do the morning pig feed. It turned into everyone getting fed and I suspect that the sheep and Libby are set to get 2 meals a day from now on! I had lots of helpers on hand which included me, Kyle aka Chief Helper, Minnie, Bean, Molly, Meg (she came purely on the off chance that she may be able to get her nose under the gate and bite one of the pigs faces) and Dave who went as far as the entrance to the field but then thought better of it and sat under the fir tree watching with Daisy (I'll tell you about her another day).
Meg who I dont think has made an appearance on the Nunnery Farm Blog as yet is our resident Border Collie with issues. She would love to be an only one and is definitely a one man dag. Unfortunately for her she lives with our 4 other dogs, cats and now Dave. Meg doesn't like most things. She doesn't like going for a walk, she doesn't like her lead, she doesn't like going in the car in fact she doesn't like change of any sort. She doesn't mind the sheep but that's because they leave her alone but she hates Dave because he doesnt, he thinks that she is his friend. She cant believe he didn't leave when the puppies left because she spent 8 weeks growling at them.She doesn't like the cats or Libby and any chance she gets to bite Libby's feet she does. Now the pigs have arrived it is something else for Meg to dislike and she has already shown signs that she is not too keen. She has developed a habit of lying still next to the pig fencing or the gate and whenever the pigs come over to her she lunges as far as she can and tries to bite their snouts.
Meg spends her days either enjoying a sport known as Frogging where she sits absolutely still, completely motionless for hours and hours on the edge of the pond looking in the water at  frogs she has seen jump in. She sits there every day during the frog season without fail and without catching a frog but doesn't seem to mind. When it is not Frogging Season she does exactly the same but lies on top of a wall overlooking the field and a rabbit hole just waiting for one to come out. So Frogging and Rabbit Hole Watching are the two things Meg does enjoy.

We are not sure whether she likes this or not


Daffycat said...

Oh how funny! Meg sounds like quite the character!

Leanne said...

Thank you so much for my first comment.Its such a good feeling when someone likes your blog!
I have had a look at your stitching and my word you are very talented - I would not have the patience to do that at all!
Your post fix was excellent help too.
I have updated my profile like you suggested and will spend time looking for blogs that are relevant to my interests. Thanks again