Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dave The Lamb Another Day Another Dog Walk

Well I didn't think he would start making a habit of it but Dave 'The Dog' Lamb has taken to dog walks like a duck to water. You think he isn't around but he shoots out from nowhere when he sees the troops gathering and looking like a walk might be on the cards - this is pretty noticeable given the amount of noise and crazy behaviour that starts at the beginning of every dog walk at Nunnery Farm and then there he is without a care in the world a little cotton wool ball comes rushing towards the gate with the other crackpots!

He appeared to have yet another great walk but this time there was a bit in the middle that he wasn't too happy about all caused by Bean. Bean is and has been his surrogate mum from day one. She made certain that he knew she was by being with him all the time, none of the other dogs could get too close when he was very young and she let them know she was there to protect him. So Dave truly believes that Bean is who his mum is. Bean on the other hand has got fed up with this game now, and can't be bothered with him all the time and she did just this in the woods. Dave was stuck to her like glue and then all the dogs wandered into the ferns which are at least 4 feet tall, Minnie is a rather large Great Dane and she disappears completely ... so Dave stood no chance.

He would have been fine had she just wandered through them but this never happens. The sight of a clump of ferns to run through sends Minnie into frenzy overboard mode. This in turn sends Bean and Molly crackers and a game starts which cant really be explained its just complete madness and something Dave will not have seen before! So Dave had at this point been lead up the hillside quite a way from where we were stood by his trusty friend Bean and then in a flash she was gone and in the fern game. Poor Dave had no way of knowing which direction to go because the ferns were so tall. We could hear him but we couldn't see him.

Dave eventually got out of the ferns after Daisy had found him and he followed her back to the path!

With all sheep you cannot move them off your holding (land) without a document called a Movement Licence which you send a copy of to the local council which isn't any hassle mainly because you only have to do it now and again because normal folk only move a sheep either to slaughter or market. I am not quite sure of the rules and regulations surrounding temporary removal of lambs for dog walks. Hopefully before I have to make a complete fool of myself and enquire about this maybe Dave will get fed up and grow out of this Dog phase before anyone needs to know!

Then again this is Nunnery Farm!


Mouse said...

I think you'd better enquire quick and get a collar with a bell on it may be so you can find him in the ferns again .. bless his cotton hoofs.. ps did the skip go ???? love mouse xxxx

NunneryFarm said...

Agreed - he never ceases to amaze me!! As for the skip - no it didn't and I got a stern talking to!!!
Lea x

nikkir said...

oh lea i love them all but especially the pic of daisy in the ferns and minnie doin her breechers brooke best jump.....big up to Dave the dog!!!!!!

dirtycowgirl said...

Great pics !

I like the one of your boy and the dane on the gate.

NunneryFarm said...

Thanks dcg! I have been trying to get that one of Kyle and Minnie for ages.