Monday, June 13, 2011

Nunnery Fold Highland Cattle

I have some wonderful news to share with you tonight - a little tiny highland calf has just joined us at Nunnery Fold.  Two of the girls are expecting but Jean has just produced the first calf of this year. Mum and baby are doing very well. This is Jean's first calf and she is proving to be a great mother.

Nunnery Fold was started by me 5 years ago with the arrival of Mable and Elsie my two Highland babies. Soon they were grown and had their own calves and before I knew it there were over 10 in the Fold. Put together with the pigs and sheep it was obvious to anyone that my land could not sustain all the animals Nunnery Farm had acquired. As a novice smallholder my understanding of land management was a naive one and the reality is that you have to make your land work for your animals otherwise trouble will be just around the corner!

The Nunnery Fold Highlands now live happily on my friends land a couple of miles away and consist of Fiona, Jeanie, Douglas and the new tiny one whose name is yet unknown! I will be posting more photos of the new arrival tomorrow.

Highlands are a great choice for the smallholder who wants a docile animal which produces amazing beef, although not tiny, they are able to live on grasslands which are uninhabitable to other breeds. The Highland will also ensure the smallholder saves you money in the early days because they need no housing and prefer to be left out in all weathers.

Highlands are slow maturing cattle whose beef is described as tasting like it did in the olden days.


Daffycat said...

Awwwww! I love Highland coos! We gaped at one during a trip into the Scotland one time. They are such lovely creatures. Isn't that baby the sweetest little thing?

They look very fierce. It's nice to know they are a docile breed.

Mouse said...

awww congrats on the new arrival :)she looks like a "daisy" to me love mouse xxxx