Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sprout Panic - Assistance Required Please!!!!!

Well I think the word I am looking for is Help Please!!

I recently filled up my veg garden and I planted sprouts straight from the packet into the soil. I never have any luck with seeds so this time I dug out a shallow line of the soil and basically tipped all the seeds in a nice neat row!!

With the recent hot weather things have got going in the garden and today I was taken by surprise to find a thick green line where my sprouts were planted. I only wanted 2 or 3 plants but currently I have in excess of 200 - so that's good!

Question please to you experienced growers - how and when should I thin the seedlings out? It seems so wasteful!! A bit of sprouty knowledge would really be appreciated!!

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Mouse said...

if they are big enough to handle for transplanting then do it :) that's an awful lot of blanket lifters ..lol ... mmmm could write a new book on 101 ideas on how to cook sprouts ???
good luck with them ... and have more than one or two storks as the hens love em ... especially if you get som small green wiggly creatures on them ;) been there seen that and fed to said birds (we have 4 tiny chicks just hatched ... one we think is a silky ?? hope that helps :)love mouse xxxxx