Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Own Vegetable Garden

 I dd it!

My plan to leave the general weeding and tidying up of the garden until completion of the veg plot has paid off. Yesterday I gathered up my trustee assistant and we both set off to get what we needed. We were on a mission.

First stop pig, sheep, pony food and more wood shavings for the chickens. Then the garden centre. I realised that so late in the year I was going to have to cheat slightly and buy seedings if I could get any and check out the seed packets in general for any that said I still had time to sow.
My Shaddow
So we got some netting for the sides and top to keep out the birds, colourful pegs to clip the nets together, other bits and pieces I might need to get it into shape and then we went in search of some plants.

I managed to get:
6 red cabbage seedlings - not sure what I am going to do with these, wanted normal cabbage but they were out - will have to pickle some for the Honesty Box at the end of the gate
1 marrow plant
1 courgette plant - lesson learned a couple of years ago on my first attempt to grow veg, with no actual dedicated area for the veg I just planted
all my 12 courgette plants amongst the flowers and was stunned when they all grew, and grew, and grew - they looked quite nice amongst the rest of the garden when I planted them. I had no idea of the size they would become nor how many of the things I would be stuck with! So just the one for this year!
1 red pepper plant
3 tomato plants
strawberry plants

2 green bean plants
I would much rather be planting out my own stuff but for now this will have to do
I have also planted some seeds straight into the ground for
late carrotts

So we got back and got out our garden tools and started the task of digging and turning over the soil. I have  never been so tired. My arms ached so much but I wanted to get it all done so for 5 hours tried to get the soil nice and fine then I got to do the good stuff and plant  then I secured it like you would not believe in he hope of keeping the pesky rabbits and birds off my veg. Which overnight I have become obsessive about - something to rival blogging!

Kyle spent most of the afternoon doing his usual tricks that only a 2 year old can repeatedly do and not get bored of like moving everything I needed and heading off to throw it in the pond. Dave stuck to me like glue and this time I was also joined by the hens, ducks and geese who all insisted in crowding round my fork as I was digging in the hope of a few turned up worms.
One of the Boys
So all in all a very good day - lets hope they survive and I get to eat some!!

Next big tasks

1, Re-build chicken house interior
2. Construct Smoker before 2nd week of August when my pork will come back
There will be much better examples but this one is mine !

3. Build composter

Next stop .... get on with the gardening!

Things to Note - get veg plot prepared in time next year and get seeds planted and potatoes in


Martin and Amy said...

Keep up the good work!

Growing veg is great fun. I hope you get a good harvest, despite starting late.

There is no shame in buying seedlings/plug plants. We all do it! (They are so tempting!!)

Have a great day!


Mouse said...

gosh you have been busy :) hope everything keeps in one piece and not get by anything :) love mouse xxx

Kristina said...

Wow! How lucky are you! I want a sheep and some chickens!

You must have a blast.

The Garden looks wonderful. Keep up the great work. : D

Happy Gardening All,
-Kristina K.

Urban Farm Wife