Saturday, June 11, 2011

Practical Pig Keeping for Beginners - Regulations After Movement


Once you bring a pig onto your holding (your farm) you will be under a standstill.

Nunnery Farm is now currently under such a standstill - this means that no other pig can come onto or leave Nunnery Farm until the 20 day period has passed. It also means my sheep or cows cannot leave for 6 days and other sheep or cows cannot come onto Nunnery Farm for 6 days

These rules are to protect against the rapid spread of any new disease and also acts as an incubation period and slows down the spread of disease

The standstill can seem complicated at first if you have other animals on your holding (farm) but if you just have pigs then you only have the 20 day period to remember.

However, if you have CATTLE, SHEEP or GOATS the a pig arriving on your holding will mean these animals will be under a 6 DAY STANDSTILL then after 6 days movement of these can commence again

Likewise if you already have pigs on your holding and you bring on the cattle, sheep or goats then the pigs only have 6 DAY STANDSTILL before they can leave the holding

You can always check with the animal movement on line with DEFRA.

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