Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet the Flock

Rain stopped almost everything yesterday but it gave me the chance to get the sheep inside to check all the lambs and deal with the tails, worming and the boys! So this year's lamb inspection started after feeding time. Into the holding pen and then the game of catch the lamb. A total of 7 lambs were born this year (4 boys 3 girls) and 6 have survived. Everyone seems to be doing well and there is a little boy in particular who I have kept in tact because I think he is going to be a really good Tup. My plan is to run him on for a while and see how he develops then maybe take him to market and see how that goes. Something new for me!

The Nunnery Flock began with 3 orphaned lambs Tuesday, Willow and Bracken.

These would form the team and be my breeding sheep and would stay with me and I planned for any male lambs born to be raised for meat. Only Tuesday remains from the original squad but she has since been joined by Violet who I hand reared last year and 4 more sheep that were the first lambs born on Nunnery Farm.

All the sheep are back in the field and the lambs seem totally unaffected by the whole experience which is good.

All except one that is who followed me back the house and is still persisting with his ambush tricks at the front door. He is currently under the Landrover staying out of the rain and if I didn't know better would say little Dave is sulking!

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