Monday, June 13, 2011

I've Fallen for the Pigs - Oh No!!!

The pigs don't seem to be rooting the ground up too much at the moment which is a good thing although I doubt the field will stay looking green for long. I have noticed that they are having a bit of a root along the edges of the fence and in one place if it wasn't for the barbed wire that I ran along the bottom of the fence, I think they would have lifted the netting up.

I heard one of them coughing this morning which may be nothing but it can be a sign of worms. Pigs do need worming and so I will get some from the vets tomorrow. I will use an oral one that I can put in a syringe and squirt down the side of its mouth while its eating its dinner. Sounds easy - definitely wont be!! Then I will need to complete the medical records with all the details.

The pigs are really lovely and I have been spending lots of time with them. I am already rather attached to the pair of porkers who are funny and friendly which makes things so much harder. I would prefer them to be nasty but then that's pigs for you. They are inquisitive, happy, intelligent creatures and that is all the more reason why I stand so firm with my beliefs that there is no place for cruel indoor intensive farming in society anymore.

I have had a look at my diary to work out the date they will be going. It is important that they go around the 24 week mark and this is because they are not castrated males. There is a chance the meat could be tainted if the boys are left to fully mature so it is best to avoid this rather than take a risk with them. Now that I have the date noted down I can forget about it and enjoy having them around making sure they have the best life possible.

Meg, however, is not signing up to this respect everybody and everything policy that I have going on here at Nunnery Farm and prefers to sit motionless at the entrance to the pig pad every day taking her chances playing Snap at a Snout through the gate!


Ziggyeor said...

Daffy cat sent me over! I enjoyed reading through this I have a friend who keeps pigs and another is raising chickens at her house.

Daffycat said...

LOL Snap-a-snout must be a fun game for Meg. I can imagine her shock when one day she actually catches a nose!

Hope you don't mind ~ I stole Dave's photo and gave you an introduction on my blog.

Mouse said...

awww little piggiewigs .... mmm its daffy's fault I've found you too ... its nice that you treat the animals lovely but at the same time being practical as well :) love mouse xxxx