Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nunnery Farm is about to quieten down ... Or is it!!

Nunnery Farm is about to start quieting down.
Earlier in the year I took Molly, the lovely Bernese down to a wonderful place called The Rock where Molly met a rather handsome chappy called Rocky and 9 weeks later we were blessed with 4 gorgeous little pups -  BUDDY - BARNEY - TOMO AND TIA and this was a lovely exciting time but the pups have been slowly leaving me over the past 2 weeks and finally they are all in their new homes causing mayhem and mischief!
I am now left with the general goings on a The Nunnery which on a daily basis can be more than chaotic!- Just recently my sheep have been lambing and all has been going well, they were managing themselves really and then my chief sheep Tuesday - decided to get mastitis quite badly and so when her twins came along there was no first milk for them from mum and because she was poorly I put them both together in the shed and faced the fact that I would be hand rearing them. It was only a few hours later and quite unexpectedly that they both started to fade and this happened so quickly I thought that I would lose them both before the night was out and so made the decision to take them indoors, wrap them up and nurse them in the hope that a bit of TLC would save them.

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