Saturday, May 27, 2017

Minnie and Elf Move On

One of the saddest things to happen at Nunnery Farm to date is the story I am about to tell and it was the main reason for the blog stopping. I just couldn't bring myself to write anymore. I tried last year to get writing but my heart wasn't in it. I wrote one post but it wasn't the same. The truth was that love and passion I had for Nunnery Farm was overshadowed by a sadness too big to put into words.

 It was the day before Christmas Eve and as usual Minnie and Elf had jumped the walls and gone for a stroll! This was nothing new and although the walls and fences were constantly being built higher Minnie still got out! Despite her huge size, she was the most gentle of dogs and to date I am yet to meet one with a more beautiful nature and because of this and the fact that she escaped on a regular basis Minnie was well know and seeing her strolling up and down the valley was nothing out of the ordinary. She was known by everyone and was quite the local celebrity never having put a paw wrong until this particular day.

Elf and Minnie had become best friends and were never far apart which meant that when Minnie jumped the walls her sidekick would be right by her side.  Elf was unlike any Bernese I have known, she searched for trouble as though her life depended on it and more often than not she found it.

The phone rang early on 23rd December. The call was letting me know that my dogs were out by themselves the previous day and she had been told that they had been seen in the field with her sheep. Although she didn't actually see Elf or Minnie, the fact that someone had mentioned their names meant that whether or not they were responsible, they were about to be blamed for the death of a number of her young sheep. I was shocked and still to this day do not believe Minnie was capable of hurting anything. We had our own sheep and Minnie had played surrogate mum to many of our lambs and even baby chicks and Drainpipe the duckling shared her bed. Elf on the other hand may have played a part in it and after apologising profusely I offered to pay for all the losses.

Sadly this wasn't the end.  It became clear very quickly that Minnie and Elf were marked dogs!

They could no longer stay here at Nunnery Farm. So although it broke my heart they went, secretly one morning to a place far, far away. 
Walking away from them at the secret location was one of the hardest things I haven ever done. I said bye and walked without looking back.

I miss them so much and wish for them back so often but I know they can never return.

Minnie and Elf are in lovely homes in a beautiful SECRET location and are very happy, very spoilt and loved very much.

It has taken me over 2 years to come to terms with this but I think at last, I have and the Blog is Back!

*Since writing this post Minnie passed away. She had a wonderful life.