Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surprisingly The Nunnery Farm Completely Overfilled Skip Remains

My really really grown up plan failed to work yesterday which was, as I had said, to hide upstairs during collection of slightly overfilled skip and wait for him to just go away and I am sure it would have worked but the driver phoned me for directions en-route and once I had spoken to him felt a bit silly sitting in the bedroom when he knew I was in so there was only one thing to do.

I faced the music

He was not impressed and told me he had never seen anything like it in 20 years to which I replied Ooh Thanks - he didn't appear to appreciate my good wit.

He  walked around it twice, got out his camera and proceed to snap away from every angle. Then turned and walked to his van saying he would return tomorrow with another skip which I had to put the top half of the skip in.

I asked if he was taking snaps of my piece of tightly packed art so he could enter it in Skip Monthly Magazine Best Fill Competition or whatever magazine skip men had in their offices these days of course knowing it would win ... he didn't reply!

I said he could always take it to The Tate.

Again nothing!

I went in!!

I presume I am now blacklisted in the world of local skip hire!!


Mouse said...

showed hubby and he said "take it he wasn't impressed then " ROFL... oh dear I am still giggling about the skip monthly mag !! love mouse xxxx

Rachael xxx said...

I would of loved to of seen his face!!!

Anthonyjcastelli said...

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Nice rhythm!

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