Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Day After the Night Before and Comedy Capers are Continuing

Well I would like to start off by saying that this morning the pigs were none the worse for their rather unique arrival to Nunnery Farm and after a little supper and a couple of buckets of water they settled down into their new place rather well. This was no thanks to Minnie who had to be brought into the house after repeated warnings about going into the pigs place.
When I went to feed them this morning they just ignored me and carried on sleeping in their house. They have just got up and are now wandering round the grounds checking things out so all seems to be well in the pig department.

OH NO!! It is far from ok

As this Blog is developing I fear readers may think that I am posting more about the antics at Nunnery Farm than the actual attempt at smallholding so if things do not calm down I may have to ration the antics posts in order to actually post about smallholding but they do seem to be outweighing the animal antics at the moment!

I did not manage to install the self-filling drinkers into the 2 fields that the pigs will rotate so they had to manage with buckets last night but I have sorted it now and the pens I thought were finished with until LIBBY the usually rather docile Dartmoor Pony turned savage and took a running jump at the pigs fencing. When she couldn't get her front legs over the pig netting started to kick like mad to try and trample her way into the pigs field. After running back to the house for her halter and a carrot I managed to remove her from the field until further notice.
Both Minnie and Libby have had field privileged removed for the time being for their bad behaviour!

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