Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nunnery Farm Has an Unexpected Harvest

 After planting out our bedding plants my Trusty Helper and I set about checking just what was going on in the gardens of Nunnery Farm and we were completely taken by surprise.
 A gooseberry bush planted a year ago and forgotten all about had a hidden bunch of treasure, we counted 4 little gooseberries -

We then cam across our blackcurrant bush which seemed to be packed full of fruit - only one or two are ripe at the moment but hopefully this will continue to grow like it has been doing and we can maybe make some jam or even some cordial to see us through the winter, especially hot on Bonfire Night!
 Next was Kyle's plot - he planted a couple of tomato seeds, about 50 lettuce seeds and 2 pumpkin seeds last week when I did the vegetable plot and he was so excited today to see that it was time to split the seedlings and plant them into bigger pots. So my little baby potted all his plants in bigger tubs and we moved them into the little greenhouse we have.
The tomato plants have now flowered and so fingers crossed we will have our first set of tomatoes to eat in the not too distant future.

It was lovely explaining to Kyle that his seedlings would grow into food we could eat and then the flowers on the tomatoes would soon die to reveal some more little treasures we could eat too. I have never been more excited about growing our own food now that my little boy can have fun growing things with me too.

But this was not all that was to be found .....

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How Lovely : )

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