Sunday, June 12, 2011

Next Stop Clean The Hen House

Cleaning out the chickens is not easy when its raining because everyone stops in. Even the ducks came in which meant serious rain outside. I have a mix of hens, cockerels, ducks and geese all happily living a free range lifestyle here at Nunnery Farm. They all live outside during the day roaming wherever they like and at night they all live together. The free range roaming means that from time to time everyone forgets they are supposed to lay in the boxes in the hut and go off laying wherever they like and Nunnery Farm egg production grinds to a halt - which has happened again! I have discovered one hen is laying in the stable so I can get those back now but I am baffled as to where everyone else is laying!

In the gang are Max and Matilda my very badly behaved geese who I got as a pair 4 years ago but strangely Matilda has never laid an egg! I am pretty sure they are a pair but cannot explain the lack of eggs! Anyone got any ideas? Max and Matilda love nothing more than a good time ripping all the plants up in the garden. The most recent incident happened 2 weeks ago the day after a man  had been to fill our pond with new underwater plants. The pesky pair set to work as soon as my back was turned and pulled every plant up from the bottom. Not content with that they completely shredded every bit of green they could manage - the pond looked like a swamp and not a single plant could be saved!

The less destructive members include a pair of Indian Runner ducks and 7 lovely Muscovy ducks who currently have a nest in the hen house so all being well there may be some new additions joining us.  

Another job done!


Daffycat said...

One of my blog friends has recently started raising chickens. Her flock is varied and lays the most gorgeous eggs. You might be interested in reading her posts:

Mouse said...

oooo we have buff Orpington , some silkies and the girls who are the main layers :)we have just had 3 brand new baby buffs going to put pic up later on in the week on my blog once done something to update it can't help you with the geese I am afraid the ones down are allotment very rarely lay either .... take care love mouse xxxx