Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Pigs Are Coming Back!!!

Well its all very exciting here today as my new pig area is almost complete. The pig ark however is still flat pack and in a pile which I keep walking past hoping its put itself up the next time I pass. I am quietly confident however that all will be ready for the two Saddleback boys I have arriving this evening. It has been some time since I had pigs on the farm mainly because I put the old area up by hand and it didn't take them too long to destroy most of the fencing and then the house fell apart so I have completely started again from scratch. The boys are 14 weeks old so a little older than normal but it means the sausages will be ready sooner! I still have to collect these two in the back of my Landrover so we may still encounter problems! Things will be much easier once I find a little trailer!
Apparently if you produce your pork right the pigs completely pay for themselves so I am about to compile a Pig Accounts file and note down all my cost to date and see if in a few sets of pigs later they are starting to make me a profit!
I have to make a "Free Range Pork Sausages Coming Soon" sign for the bottom of the gate too!

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