Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Garden - Keep Calm and Carry On

I am continuing to try and do a couple of hours a day in the garden weeding and edging ever closer to the late revival of my vegetable patch!I have stuck to my plan and come rain or shine I have been out with my gardening tools and tried to push on.

However, I was hoping to be a little further on by the end of last week but I can now see the weeding itself taking me a few days - if not weeks more - this is due to me being joined by my two trusty helpers (one is a Lamb and one is 2 years old). The truth is they are not really helping at all.

Ready For Action
During yesterday's 2 hour allocated gardening slot Dave the Lamb stuck to my leg like glue - literally. When I looked down he was there and when I was not looking down he jumped up to remind me he was there.

View from Above

Dave on his Back Legs
When you are bending down, digging or generally moving around, one thing that really doesn't help you is a lamb wrapped around your legs. I tripped over constantly and when I wasn't tripping I was hobbling around trying to carry on ignoring him the best I could. As well as this minor inconvenience, my other helper headed off towards the pond every time my back was turned grabbing anything he could lay his hands on and throwing it, or attempting to throw it in the water. 

I put my tools away and went back inside.

So all in all a very productive day!


Mouse said...

oh the joys of having wee ones hope things get sorted out in the veg garden sooner than you think :) love mouse xxx

Kristina said...

I know what you mean. I have been working on a new plot and it's taking me MUCH longer than I thought....

Happy Gardening,
-Kristina K.

Urban Farm Wife