Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bean, Minnie and Dave go Rabbiting!

Dave is stuck to Bean's side like glue so wherever she goes he goes and of course Minnie has to go too so off they all went down the field trying to catch the rabbits. This is a daily event for Bean and Minnie neither of whom rarely come back with anything thankfully and true to form both of them came back empty handed this time. The problem was not only did they come back without a rabbit, they came back without Dave.
I shouted him and heard faint bleats so I knew he was at the bottom of the field and not very happily I set off down the slope to retrieve said lamb right to the bottom of the field. Bean and Minnie came with me which would only make things worse. When I got to the bottom I saw Dave in a state of panic - he had followed Bean through the sheep netting and into the stream where he had become stranded not knowing how to get back through the fence.
There was only one thing for it, I had to climb over the fence to the stream and get him back and there was no easy way I had to climb up a tree then when I was as high as the top of the fence hurl myself over to the other side. Dave ran off further down the stream at seeing this and I landed in a clump of brambles which immediately snared me with all their thorns and clung to my leggings for dear life.
As you can imagine I am at boiling point by now and have no option but to kick my legs about trying to free my legs from the brambles but at the same time trying desperately to keep my flip flops on. This took ages. In the meantime Minnie had decided to chase Dave the other side of the stream!

In my flip flops I had to cross the stream almost falling over twice whilst trying to grab Dave by the tail. He got flung back over into our field. I re-climbed the tree and hurled myself the other way and stomped back to the house not talking to any of them. Dave is on his first warning!

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