Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dave the Lamb Fully Recovered but Refusing to Move into Field

Dave is really doing well these days and after a second injection he is able to walk on all 4 legs without any problems at all. In fact he is able to walk a little too well actually!

This morning after I had finished feeding the pigs  Dave and Bean made a run for the house.

Dave is not happy about being made to move out of the utility room into the garden and has pitched up on a door mat just outside to the left of the front door. He lives permanently on this mat at the moment and is constantly working to improve his timing to be able to get up and rush past me into the house whenever I open the door.

He has started standing on his hind legs around me at feeding time which is quite funny until he loses his balance and lands on my toes with his heavy hooves - he gets me every time!

Last night Bean (Dave's surrogate mum) decided she was coming inside and not staying outside with him all night which left Dave confused and resulted in him bleating all night long - Dave has now lost his voice!

I am trying to wean him off his milk slowly and he is down to one bottle 3 times a day rather than the 2 bottles 8 times a day so we are getting there.

The worrying thing is that Dave shows no signs whatsoever of wanting to even attempt to make the transition to the field to integrate with his fellow sheep. I feel he may be a permanent fixture near the house although I have just watched him go into the field and thought we may be onto something but it was just to join in Libby chasing for a while and has, true to form, returned to his mat and is sleeping next to Bean!

If there is any improvements I will let you know!

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