Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drainpipe Has Died

I really do not know what to say. I went out to let everyone out yesterday and all was well at the Farm. An hour later in pouring rain I went out to check the birds simply because it was raining so hard and I wanted to know they were all ok. My hens do not like the rain one bit!! I found all my feathery friends huddled together in one large group which immediately rang alarm bells .... I had a feeling we had been visited by a fox.

Above all other clucks and hisses and cock-a-doodle-dos, I have always been able to hear Drainpipe - his 'tweet-tweet' sound that was his alone rang out above all other sounds and by simply listening I knew exactly where he was. I couldn't hear him and inside I cried.

I have always tried my hardest not to get too attached but I suppose it is in my make-up. Some people can ignore things and live without a care in the world, others like me dwell on things and have to save every living creature they ever come across in distress. I just think that when something has tried as hard to live as you have to save it then Nature deals a pretty cruel hand when She takes something away after all that.

I found him, so at least I had closure.

I will really miss him, that's all I have to say today

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rabbit Release ... Farewell Little Friend!

I did not expect to see the little rabbit alive this morning! I had a look at him and although he had some obvious problems with his back legs I couldn't see any other injuries.  I would guess this guy was no more than 5 weeks old and was no more than 3 inches long. Having no previous rabbit rescue experience I wasn't sure what such a small rabbit would eat so I prepared a selection of tasty treats for  him hoping he would start to eat and drink, I thought the shock of the experience would kill him but he's obviously made of stronger stuff!

He couldn't stay in the small box but as I'm against any form of cages for animals I was struggling to come up with a suitable solution which was made more difficult with the dogs. While I thought what to do I made him a temporary house in a bigger box with the stuffing from an old pillow for a bed and straw and hay he could use to burrow in. I also thought he would like some grass so I dug up a patch of grass and put that in too!

Within a couple of days he was completely recovered and going from strength to strength and although his legs are not 100% he is doing great. The fact he was a wild animal was there for all to see and although he was lovely to cuddle and hold he did not belong with me. He was able to run and hop a couple of days later and as the sun started to shine and the weather improved I knew his permanent place was back in the great outdoors.

I decided the dogs would have to be kept inside for a day while the little bunny made his escape! I have become quite attached to him but the time was right and I cannot describe the lovely feeling I got when I said Farewell to him, put him in a quiet part of the field with lots of hiding places and watched as he turned and went back home.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Midnight Rescue .... We're Back!!

It should have been a straight forward simple task, locking up and going to bed but it wasn't. Just before midnight I remembered Bean was still outside so I shouted her and waited for her to come back. Not long afterwards she scratched on the door to come in and that's when it started. I opened the door and there she stood looking extremely pleased with herself and barged past me into the kitchen. For a split second I thought she had a teddy in her mouth, I could just see two little white furry legs hanging down but then I realised it was a baby rabbit and despite it being clamped tightly in her mouth, the poor thing was still alive.

As soon as I took a step towards her she took 4 steps back. I took another step, she took 4 more. Great, she thinks it's a game!! I shouted for her to drop it like a lunatic which did nothing!  I told her calmly to drop it which also failed to work! By now I was close enough to see it's back legs kicking at one side of her mouth and two tiny black eyes and little nostrils flaring at the other side. I was petrified that she would crunch it there and then because I knew Bean was not going to give up this tasty snack by choice. I ran at her and with her tail wagging she turned and ran. 

Shrieking 'Bean, drop it' like a lunatic I set off after her round the kitchen then outside which was pitch black and pouring down in my pyjamas and slippers that helpfully slipped off my feet every other step I took - enough was enough and I lunged at her to grab her tail as she turned and wrestled the 10 stone lump to the ground and eventually got the rabbit from her mouth!

It didn't look good and I grabbed a towel wrapped it up and put it in a box with a heat pad underneath. Shut the door and finally went to bed.

If I'm honest, I can't see it being alive in the morning.