Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bedding Plants

I decided to spend today putting out the bedding plants in the beds that I had been tidying and weeding over the last couple of weeks.  

The lovely smell from this vase of flowers spurred me on to get the garden ship shape before the Summer had simply passed me by so the hanging baskets and all the flowering pots got a good re-vamp and before I knew it my Trusty Helper was by my side and we were in the middle of a major garden overhaul!
It was such a lovely day and I was surprised just what had been going on in the garden without me even knowing!

Whilst I was working my fingers to the bone the other Nunnery Farm residents were not so keen on any work at all.

I took time to have a look at just what had survived from last year and I was amazed as to what I discovered!

The smell from the honeysuckle and rambling roses was divine - it hit me like a blast, I had never really noticed it before. I need to train it up and around the archway but I dont see that as a problem really. I have planted a Clematis on the other side and hope this one actually starts to grow - there is something about this side of the arch - no matter how many Clematis I plant, they all seem to wither and die!

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