Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Update From Drainpipe

Me, Drainpipe
Drainpipe is doing exceptionally well.

I have been terribly concerned with his eye and have been fanatical about bathing it and keeping it moist, just in case the eye lid did still exist under the scabs. I know he has got the film still glossing over his eye.

Me and Minnie .... Aim High!

As I have said I have been watching Drainpipe's eye like a mad woman and each day I have noticed a little bit more of the pupil has become visible. Today my suspicions have been confirmed - Drainpipe has regained sight in his eye and can see out of both eyes, this is an absolute miracle and nothing more than luck due to the random way the skin was ripped off.

Molly My Friend
The long and short of this situation is that Drainpipe doesn't think he is a duck he has been with me too long now. I have tried on more than a couple of occasions and Drainpipe absolutely refuses to remain with the ducks .... I don't bloody well believe it..... another one for the kitchen!

So Drainpipe is the second member of the Nunnery Farm I Was Born To Be Different Club... I thought this club would be exclusive! Hmmmmmmmm!

There are currently only two members (to date):

Dave The Lamb
(Founder, Chairman and Global Membership Secretary)

Drainpipe The Duckling
(New Member and Second In Command)

Me, Sat on Minnie - Normal Behaviour?!

......... and as the old saying goes, if you have to tell people you are................

What?.......Me on my new friend Minnie!
 ............ you aren't 

So here at Nunnery Farm the fashion seems to be .... odd is mod!!

Me Swimming in the Dog Water Bowl

Maybe we should set up a Nunnery Farm It's Fine to be Different Club........................ Views!!

Love Drainpipe x


Mouse said...

heheh count me in for a newsletter and he defo got the awwwwww factor :) love mouse xxx

Witch Hazel said...

Oh bless him.
Looking forward to hearing more about his adventures.