Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nunnery Farm Receives A Rather Special Delivery

There was one extra for breakfast this morning.

A few months ago I found a nest belonging to the Muscovys wedged in the eaves of the hen house. Unfortunately the duck didn't manage to stay on the nest long enough for any of the eggs to hatch which is quite common with hens and ducks so even though it was a little bit upsetting knowing she had been sitting on them for at least a week I removed the nest and cleared it out.

Then about a week later I was cleaning them out and I moved an old cardboard box to throw it out and noticed that there was something at the bottom.

Another Muscovy nest - no wonder my duck egg production line had come to a complete standstill! Not holding out much hope for anything to hatch I put it back and left it alone. I checked each morning when I fed them and noone was in sight, that the eggs were warm which they were and they were always covered over and but I have never seen anyone actually on the nest.

Then this morning I saw this ...

But I am puzzled because I am not convinced it is a Muscovy. I have a pair of Indian Runner ducks and I am certain it belongs to them. I have not had an egg from her for absolutely ages but have never come across a nest either and as they are ground ducks - they never fly - I would have thought I'd have come across it.

I have checked in the Muscovy nest for a broken shell ... and nothing!

So who does it belong to???!!

I will let you know as soon as I do! 


Mouse said...

awwww .. hope you find out soon :) love mouse xxx

dirtycowgirl said...


I so LOVE this blog.