Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Dave The Lamb The Hungry Caterpillar in Disguise?

Lordy Lordy Lordy - Give Me Strength Dave's Destruction knows no bounds - the further I walk, the more I find.

 Dave also ate:

The gooseberry bush ..... but he was still hungry

 One Blueberry Bush - leaving only a stick
but he was still hungry

So he ate his way through One Blackcurrant Bush 
And was probably glad the raspberry bush had no raspberries on it.

Oh well its only fruit ... It probably wouldn't have tasted very nice and Dave did have a difficult start to his little life so I will let him off just this once - but mark my words - next year my fruit will be mine!!!!  I will make it like a fortress, there is no way I will let this happen again!

And with every cloud .... I discovered that the seeds I sowed so late in the year have worked - like magic and I have about 200 carrot plants which is obviously ridiculous and I need to thin them out

and then found that a few hundred onions had sprouted - I need to get reading up on the veggie expert blogs for guidance as to how I do the next bit. But I was pleased with the vegetables. At least I had stuck to my plan.

Just so you know
the red cabbages are doing well
the leeks have all stood up straight and are continuing to thrive
the strawberry plants have a few on them, I am hoping for some late sunshine so I can get a bumper crop from my 4 plants.
About 200 pea shoots all went in the ground and they are just visible.
My sprouts - now I have stopped panicking - will be ok once I have thinned them down a bit too
The courgette plant and he marrow plant are still going strong
and lastly My red pepper is going mad!

I just hope that none of my pesky ducks dive bomb my netting roof or the rabbits of which there are millions around this year do not burrow under the netting.
Provided these things do not happen - we should be able to eat at least something .... but lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

What a day!

For info and update - I have yet to check on my fabulous sister's Dill ... but have a feeling it will still just be soil!!


Melody said...

What a fun blog you have! I am very glad I came upon it, so I can be a follower! I enjoyed reading your posts; however, it took me a moment to find out who Dave is. :) How cute!

NunneryFarm said...

Thanks Melody. Dave is becoming somewhat of a celebrity and he is so unusually funny and likes the comforts of the indoors. He is no sheep!! He has become a sort of Wool Breed. God knows how I will cope when he is fully grown!