Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dave The Lamb Goes Missing

As all the Dave The Lamb fans out there will already be aware Dave was given his first lamb duty a few weeks ago which he refused to do. From being one day old Dave lived in the utility room of the kitchen in his caged area until he was strong enough to walk and then his cage was moved and he was free to move around. Whenever I was around Dave pretended to be absolutely content with his quarters in the utility room and whenever I wasn't Dave skipped over to the kitchen and took the bed of his choice.

Dave The Lamb  Work
 Dave then moved permanently into the kitchen but got a little too comfortable and after 6 weeks he was still showing no signs of wanting to move out into the field to be with the rest of the Nunnery Farm Flock. I took action and decided he had to have his bottles reduced so he would want to eat grass and I moved him outside the front door. I still fed him at breakfast at 6am and then 11pm with his bottles. Dave was not amused.  Eventually Dave stopped asking for milk and began to live outside - but not in the field as you might expect oh no, Dave set up camp right outside the front door and this is where he continues to sleep to date.

Dave the Lamb at Work
So Dave's new job was to go back into the same grassy area that just couple of weeks ago he refused to stay in. The grass was getting a little too long and because of the slope if perfect for the sheep to eat off. Dave was less than impressed when I pulled him out from his shady spot under the landrover and placed him over the wire into the lovely new green grass.
Dave Before He Left Home
Dave appeared to settle and after a couple of minutes I left him to it as he munched on his new food. It was a nice day and I thought I would check on him later. All was going well! After all, Dave was more than big enough to live out in the field now so maybe this was the first move to him living permanently in the field and me getting the space outside the front door back.

A couple of hours later I went out to check how much chomping Dave had done and disappointingly the grass looked no different. In fact the only difference was that I could no longer see Dave. I looked again - no Dave. He was nowhere to be seen. I started shouting his name at the top of my voice over and over again but there was no sign. Dave had gone AWOL.

Dave the Lamb Leaving the Work Site
Without |Permission


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