Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Me Dave .... Help ............... Petition Needed

Me Looking Like a Dog
Right I am in sooooooo much trouble!

I have been put in the field on more than 4 occasions .......... but honestly, it is rubbish. I wait until she has gone to bed then I hurdle the wall, trespass through the next field, and walk up the drive.

My Pack

Anyone else would think this genius .... not her!

I now sleep in the front porch if it is left open, otherwise I get in the dog kennel which no-one uses.

Startled - A Dog in Sheeps Clothing

But last night I slipped in, crept into Minnie's bed and sat quietly until everyone had gone to bed. I was only discovered this morning and apparently I am being moved into the bottom field on Saturday because I made a mess.

I have to be caught first ..............

Love Dave x


Mouse said...

ohhh dear Dave .. think you need to have a collar put on with a rather large bell so you can be found better ???.. you are supposed to eat grass and stay in the field and be a good lamb :) love mouse xxx

mdgtjulie said...

Poor Dave. I agree with Mouse. A collar with a cow bell will do! Here's hoping you're well behaved from now on!!