Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again .... It's Good To Be Back!

Well it certainly feels good to be able to post again at long last on the Nunnery Farm Blog! It seems like such a long time since I have been on here and this has been due to a combination of renovation works  which resulted in a lack of internet and on top of this I had to undergo major surgery which has taken me slightly longer to recover from than I anticipated but all that is behind me now and I am able to post once again which is great!

So myself and the Crazy Gang are back and there has been lots of goings on as you can imagine and events I will post about in the coming weeks updating you about all the antics including

Meg The Collie's Emergency Dash
Daisy's Double Surgery and The Fury Boot
Daisy Goes Missing
Libby's Dartmoor Diet
Jams, Chutneys and Marmalades
Christmas Vodkas
The Productive Patch


Dave The Lamb who we will start with!

The last post concerning the now world famous Dave 'the dog' Lamb was I think left with him being returned to the second pig area and being fenced in due to his frenzied attack on the garden which resulted in almost all my plants, veg and fruit bushes ending up in his woolly little mouth.

After a couple of failed attempts to get Dave out in the field with the rest of the Nunnery Farm Flock I decided it was time to open the gates and let him mingle with them as I was sure by now he would be convinced he was a lamb and not still believe he was one of the dogs. So the gate was opened and Dave looked at me, turned his back and walked to the top of the field and sat in the corner ignoring me and the open gate and there he stayed sulking for the rest of the day. After attempts to coax him through the gate to  join the others I gave up and went inside thinking he would make his own way to the others - not so!

Dave said No to freedom! He stayed put in his pen for 3 days refusing to budge. He only ran out of the pen when the rest of the flock went in to check him out and appearing to be mortified by their actions he made a dash for it and ran as far away from them as he could. At last he was out and in the big field, he just had to stay in it and not climb back on to the driveway or run into the house.

All has been fine for the last couple of weeks and Dave is very happy in the field these days. Each morning returning from the dog walk when I come out of the woods and walk through the field with the dogs Dave runs to us and plays chase with the dogs. They still all get on very well and once we reach the top gate to go to the house Dave simply turns and skips back down the field as if telling us "that's enough for today!".

I am not sure Dave the Lamb will ever fully integrate with the Flock but I don't think that matters, he will always be an honorary member of the dog pack!

Just one problem - I came back home this evening to find Dave out of the field and on the drive with Daisy! He is back in the field now but for how long is anybody's guess!


dirtycowgirl said...


Welcome back Lee.
I have been wondering where you were, hope you're fully recovered too. Must be very hard when you need time to recuperate given your lifestyle.

Dave has grown loads too - almost a sheep - or should that be ram lol
Look forward to reading more :)X

Colorado Stitcher said...

Welcome back! I missed the antics of your farm and look forward to hearing the goings on.