Monday, August 1, 2011

Dave's Destruction Knows No Bounds

Now Dave has been causing trouble yet again ....
Dave In His Hiding Place Avoiding Capture

His distruction of the entire garden has meant that I have been left with only one choice......
My Raspberry Bush

Dave is heading to solitary confinement.
Another Bush After Dave Dined On it

Harsh some may say ......but fair!
Another Plant Trashed

He has been moved to the second unused pig area for a few days in the hope that he will at last want to live in the field ... or get a taste for grass!!
Nat Taking Dave to His New Home

As you can see by the way Dave had to be transported to his new home he is not impressed. I will see how he goes on and see about letting him out with the others in about a week for good behaviour!!


Mouse said...

whooops but he is only doing what a sheep will do.. eat anything that looks tasty .. hope he learns to eat that grass quick

dirtycowgirl said...

I'm laughing at the fact that he has to be carried to a field.

Colorado Stitcher said...

Poor Dave. That's what he gets for wanting to be a dog, but eating like a lamb. Hope he learns to like grass best.

mdgtjulie said...

Poor, sneaky Dave. Maybe he WILL get a taste for grass, but those other plants smell so good and are so tasty... Good luck keeping him out of the garden!!

Jean and Nat said...

Ohh look at me and dave lol Nat xx